Monday, July 19, 2010

Lavish Lashes Studio Promo

Last month, I joined an online promo that had. They actually had several online contests that time and I think I entered all of it. I just checked on my email earlier and found out that I had won one of the promos that they had. It's for the .. uhm .. Lavish Lashes Studio Promo. What the hell am I supposed to do with P1000 worth of GCs when the last thing I would worry about is my lashes?! I was really hoping to win something I could benefit from like the Liposmash - Aesthetic Science Promo where they gave away P5800 worth of GCs for Liposmash - Aesthetic Science. Anyway, winning the P1000 GC from Lavish Lashes Studio is so much better than not winning anything at all. I think I will just give them to my sisters (who also don't care about their lashes at all!). Thanks so much,! Hope to win the next promos! Mwah! Hopefully, I get to take home the nail care kits from Cutex! Lol! If I win the Kira Plastinina Promo which is worth P10,000 (WoW!), I won't ever complain!

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