Thursday, July 1, 2010

Forever 21 Opens at Megamall

My friend and I went to Megamall today because it was soooo hot to stay at home so we decided to get some A/C at the mall and to pay some bills. As we were headed to the food court to look for food, we noticed a swarm of people flocking over an event happening at the 2nd level of Mega A where Cinderella was. It turned out that Forever 21 has taken over the huge space that Cinderella had left and in my opinion, the huge shop will definitely make it bigger and better this time because it was well-planned out. They even had catering service, ribbons, a lot of flowers, uniformed food servers, a guest list, some buff bouncers and all that drama. From the outside where I was (with all the onlookers), things looked really good on the inside. I suppose only VIPs, bloggers and the media were invited to the event (Okay.. so I didn't get an invite that's why I got inspired to create this new blog page aside from my original!). I wasn't so sure about who the guy with the microphone was but his voice was resounding all over the venue. And yes, everybody could hear his ugly voice as if he was chewing on something while talking over the microphone. I thought it was really funny because if that's how fashion sounds like, he can have it all to himself. Anyway, everything else was great. I even saw Bobby Yan looking at the dummies (No, not us!) or should I say mannequins donning some fab clothes. I'm not sure what he bought because just like what I have said earlier, we were nothing but pathetic onlookers on the outside looking in.

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